Dark Hole
Spell or Trap Card Spell Card
Type Normal
Effect Destroy all monsters on the field.


You have to say "Dark Hole" has to be one of the best 'all round' cards out there, as you can destroy all monsters on the field; without a cost. Cards like "Harpie's Feather Duster" and "Reigeki" have fallen into the hands of the ban list and "Dark Hole" has managed to avoid that (as it destroys all of your monster as well!!).

Let's say, for example, your opponent has a 20 minute move on their first turn and they get 5 monsters out with 3000 attack; I think Dark Hole can deal with that!!

There is one deck in particular which can benefit from "Dark Hole" and that is a "Crystal Beast" deck. When the Crystal Beasts are destroyed they go to your spell and trap card zones. So if you have 4 "Crystal Beast"s in your spell and trap card zones and you play "Dark Hole", all monsters go and you have the zones full of "Crystal Beast"s fueling cards like: "Crystal Beacon", "Crystal Promise", "Crystal Abundance" and the almighty "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder".