See also: Evolzar Laggia, Horus of the Black Flame

User:Number HunterEdit

This strategy is simple, it is a summoning method for Number 9:Dyson Sphere. All you need are Evoltile Najasho, Evo-Force in your hand, 2X Evolsaur Darwino in your deck and Number 9:Canopy Star - Dyson Sphere in your Extra Deck.

First, summon Najasho and use Evo-Force to Special Summon 2X Evolsaur Darwino from your deck and use both of their effects, to make one of the Level 9. Then use Galaxy Queen's Light to make the other Darwino Level 9 and finally Xyz Summon Number 9:Canopy Star - Dyson Sphere.