See also: Evolzar Laggia, Galaxy Evol Sphere


Evol Lock Edit

Evol players know that they can lock the field with the 3 Evolzar monsters but what about Spells and Traps? We Have Laggia for that! WRONG! Laggia is one of the best Xyz monsters, but it can only activate once per turn. So what do we recall now? Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you. The Evol of Black Flame!

Way of summoning Edit

Very easy, with the Najasho combo you are one set away from the lock! All you need to have are the following cards: Najasho/Evo-Force/Horus of the Black Flame Lv6&8/Evolsaur Vulcano and 2 other Evolsaurs.

You have 2 ways, First setting Najasho then you can tribute summon it for Horus lv6. Najasho effect will activate, the main target is Vulcano. It's always Vulcano so you can Special Summon 1 Evolsaur from your grave then Special Summon it so you can Xyz for the main Xyz monster in the deck. Evolzar Laggia. The go ahead and attack your opponent monster with Horus, then you are good to level him up!

The other way, is a firm lock down. First you must have Lv8 on the field. Then tribute Najasho with Evo-Force. Special Summon 2 Vulcanos then with their effect, Special summon 2 lv4 Evolsaur monsters, Xyz them for Evolzar Laggia and Dolkka and your lock is better!

All they Evol Players need is something that can negate Traps... But you have Solemn Judgement and Seven Tools of Bandit and those kind of traps.