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Well well well, ever since I began

messing around with "Ancient Gear" monsters, "Fury from the Deep"

around 6 years ago,

Ive been really unsure as to what truly was my playing style,

Morphtronics, Plants, Insects, Spiders, and so on~ but come the OCG

release of the Naturia Synchro monsters, I realized what had to be done.

The idea that I could possibly allow my opponent to do nothing

simply fascinated me~ I was stunned and impressed.

(not to mention im a nature lover at heart so the artwork fit to a T)

Over the years I now find it impossible to want to make ANY deck

that cannot incorporate these savage peacekeepers~

Yes my favorite 4 cards in the entire game are:

Naturia Beast

Naturia Barkion

Naturia Landoise

Naturia Exterio

I feel deep in my heart that the rest of my yugioh experience

will simply be a love story,


My Naturias and Me~

~Ilviridis Infelix (Vixx13)