See also: Ojama

Ojama Blue
Level 2
Type Beast
Attribute Light
DEF 1000
Effect When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can add 2 "Ojama" cards from your deck to your hand (this can include "Ojamuscle").


This card is very versatile as you don't only have to add 2 monsters to your hand; you can add Ojama support cards as well including: Ojama Country.

I think this cards is great as you are able to add 2 cards which allows you to collect that vital Ojama monster needed to use Ojama Delta Hurricane!!

This card can also be recycled using "Ojama Country" so you can use it's effect more than once. Yes, this may thin your deck, but could that be an idea for a new deck? Ojama-Exodia??

Blue can also be searched with Sangan which enables this card to be used in Ojama-chaos decks as Blue is a light attribute monster whilst Sangan; is a dark attribute monster.

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