Well, Halloween has rolled around once again and it's time for the scariness to begin.

This is what the Halloween Theme Competition is for!

I want you, Yu-Gi-Oh! Favourite Cards Wiki Contributors, to design the most scariest theme you can think of! Of course it has to be Yu-Gi-Oh! related, but I'm sure with your skills on the computer you can design the perfect theme to make me wet myself. Here are some guidelines:

  • The theme must be Yu-Gi-Oh! related in some way.
  • Don't make it too gruesome; we have to keep the Wiki nice to look at!
  • The dimensions for a theme which fits the whole of the screen must be: 2000px in width. (If I got this measurement wrong; feel free to supply me with a better one.)
  • The dimensions for a theme which is tiled on the background can be what ever size you want.
  • Enjoy making it! Don't make this feel like a chore. This gives you the opportunity to be creative, artistic. Let's get rid of my plain jain background once and for all!
  • Submit a link to your theme in the comments section of the page.

The winner will be announced on the 30th October ready for Halloween!

If you having any questions about this competition, please go to my talk page. I'm happy to help! =)