For a list of ways to see how a page to be laid out, see the: Tutorials.

Style of WritingEdit

We want this Wiki to be as free flowing as possible thus we want you to be able to express yourself in as many ways as possible. However we would prefer sufficient grammar is used in order for other users to understand what you're saying. For Example:

Ojama Blu is so gret, it can blow up the feild!!

This should be written as:

Ojama Blue is great as it can help destroy all of the cards on the field!

We would also prefer pages to be linked. For example: Ojama Blue has a page which exists on this Wiki, so it should be written as [[Ojama Blue]]. This enables the Wiki viewers to go to the page thus making the Wiki a nice place to navigate around and pass the time.

Image PolicyEdit

For the main article, see Yu-Gi-Oh! Favourite Cards: Image Policy.

We do accept images from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia as long as they are used responsibly. This means they should not be used in a offensive manner. We would also appreciate it if images were named appropriately in order to make them easier to find, and just to make sure when navigating through the images, they have sensible file names so don't disturb other users.

How to treat other usersEdit

We would like all users to be treated with respect at all times. We do not accept vandalism of a users' talk page/profile page; that would result in an indefinite block, depending on the severity of the vandalism.

See Chat Rules to see how to behave in Chat.


We do not accept vandalism on this Wiki. We abide by the three strikes and you're out rule. The third vandalism incident will result in a block which depends on the severity of the vandalism act. Talk to an Admin if you are unsure about exact block lengths.